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SKU: 6954587301484

ZEN PRO represents the continued evolution of ECLIPSƎ and is a direct replacement to the highly acclaimed ZEN, the first ECLIPSƎ model in the DUNU earphone portfolio. With a more attractive titanium colored anodize and sound tuning revisions that address user concerns about a darker than expected tonality and not enough upper treble presence, ZEN PRO approaches an ideal response for a high-end single dynamic driver in-ear.


ZEN PRO utilizes the same 13.5 mm ECLIPSƎ driver originally developed for the ZEN, but has been substantially reworked and re-tuned. Our engineers worked with our suppliers to modify the composition of the large diameter magnesium-aluminum alloy dome, adjusting the alloy ratio of magnesium and aluminum for a higher level of rigidity and superior internal damping characteristics. Additionally, a revised nanoDLC layer sports improved uniformity and thickness of the applied tetrahedral amorphous carbon (t-aC).


nanoDLC applied via arc-PVD continues to be the singular coating solution that comes closest to crystalline diamond, and has significantly higher rigidity than DLC layers coated via PECVD techniques atop thermoplastic polymers. These changes, along with modified damping strategies and air gap tolerances in the motor, allow for a more open presentation and wider audible bandwidth.