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SKU: 6954587300234

DN-2000J is the latest generation of high fidelity, high quality dual balanced armature plus single dynamic hybrid in ear monitor developed by DUNU-TOPSOUND, a professional headphone company from Asia. Not only does it have over 40 kHz of ‘HI-RES’ extension, the IEM is also capable of unparalleled performance across the full spectrum of sound. The combination of dual balanced armature and single dynamic transducer is able to faithfully restore the music from the highest treble to the deepest bass note. Inheriting the technological essence from previous generation of hybrid IEM, the DN-1000 and DN-2000, and infused with newly developed technology from the in-house R&D team, DN-2000J is DUNU-TOPSOUND’s answer to the quest for the most refined musical experience with best possible sound quality.

With the same top quality steel and aluminum alloy material used on DN-2000 as the earpieces’ outer shell, DN-2000J has been reengineered for a smaller size and lighter weight in order to achieve better balance of ergonomics and comfort. Now it will stay in your ears even without the help of the ‘shark fin’ concha-locking silicone accessories.  

For its sonic performance: the bass is powerful yet elastic, full bodied but without any muddiness. The midrange is sweet and delicate, clean and clear while remains rich and not grainy. The treble has excellent extension and transient to reproduce all the micro-detail and sparkle without over-brightness. Its HI-RES performance all the way up to 40 kHz is, as a whole, a huge leap forward from previous generation.

    • Nano class T-diaphragm
    • 303F Stainless Steel
    • Hi-Res AUDIO
    • Made for most music player
  • Drivers Dynamic(10mm)
      Balanced Armature*2
    Frequency range 4 Hz-40 KHz
    Sensitivity 112±2dB
    Connections 3.5mm Gold-plated
    Cable 1.2m
    Weight 21.8g