DUNU earphone  
Brief Introduction

DUNU was originally an OEM/ODM manufacturer established in 1994. DUNU focuses on development, manufacture and marketing professional earphone and ear bud products. Now DUNU has become one of worldwide famous earphone manufacturer and has the capability to develop driver units. Moreover, DUNU takes the lead in developing 6μ、5μ and 4μ, different high-accuracy composite and metal membranes, which enables DUNU to breaks the technology monopoly by Japan and German manufacturers. In the mean time, DUNU acquired many International acoustic research achievements and International Patents.

R&D = Customer Trust

With years of experiences, DUNU establishes its Leading in earphone and acoustic manufacture field. The head-quarter in Taiwan is the sales, R&D and administrative center. DUNU cultivates self R&D actively, holding the key technology and operating in with full rapid communication step by step in every process. Thus, DUNU earn customers’ trust through the whole journey.

DUNU has whole set of Denmark B&K Frequency Response Analyzer and Sunlight Frequency Response Analyzer. For years, only Japanese companies can afford to possess such highly advanced technology. Regardless of the heavy investment, DUNU introduced those hi-technologies. In the mean time, DUNU also invests Large Capital in building the most advanced professional Anechoic Room among Asia earphone manufacturers.
Factory and Certificates

DUNU’s factory acquires certificates of ISO9001 and CE via continuously invests huge money in hardware. Thus DUNU has In-Mold Decoration (IMD), Sputter, and Mold developing technologies and over 2,300 employees with more than 10 years experience in the business. All DUNU’s products are in compliance with the Green products regulation (RoHS). (2002/95/EC-- Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substance in electrical and electronic equipment.)


DUNU’s manufacturing plant located in Dong Guan City, Guangdong, China. With experienced engineers, machinists, operators, and precise equipments, DUNU can fulfill the high production and high quality requirement. Strict Quality Management was applied from early stage of development. Accompanied with precision equipments, DUNU keeps on repeat testing, examining, improving and refining to pursue the perfection inside and out.

2004,“DUNU” brand was established officially. In the same year, DUNU developed the first Metal Earphone S01 which was highly praised in local HI-FI embracers.
2006, DUNU developed metal In-Ear Earphone DN-EX01 and aiming to compete with foreign Brands on the same stage with China made earphone product.
2006, The first China Armature In-Ear Earphone was published.

2007, First custom armature earphone was developed and vended in small amount.

2009, DUNU developed the minimum dynamic unit 5.8mm. By highly skilled vibrating membrane technology, we make small unit’s’ wider sound range and richer sound density much.
2010.4, DUNU Plans to put 8 new earphones on the market at the same time.
2010.5 Develop dynamic Twin Unit System which is applying for patent.
2011.1 Put 4 In-Ear Earphones on market again.